Andy Jones

Dr. Andrew Jones is a digital forensic and information security researcher and academic and has developed a number of tools and processes for the efficient and effective recovery of data from a range of devices.  He has also participated and led a number of forensic investigations for criminal and civil cases.

Andrew has been involved in a number of information security projects for the Government Communications Electronic Security Group (CESG), the Office of the E-Envoy, the police and a defence contractor. He acted as the technical advisor for the then National Crime Squad Data Acquisition and Recovery Team and he is currently on the committees for five information security and computer forensic conferences. He also sat on two working groups of the governments Central Sponsor for Information Assurance National Information Assurance Forum. He holds posts as an adjunct professor at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia and the University of South Australia in Adelaide.

He has authored six books in the areas of Information Warfare, Information Security and Digital Forensics.