BS 10008

BS 10008 is the British Standard that specifies the requirements for the:

  • addressing of issues relating to the authenticity and integrity of the electronic information;
  • electronic transfer of information from one computer system to another;
  • implementation and operation of electronic information management systems.
  • These issues are essential where the electronic information could be used as evidence.
  • BS 10008 also specifies the requirements for the management of the availability of the electronic information over time.

BS 10008 addresses issues related to:

  • electronic copyright systems;
  • electronic identity verification;
  • linking of electronic identity to particular electronic documents.
  • use of electronic signatures;

The requirements specified in BS 10008 are generic and apply to any corporate body, large or small, whatever the nature of its business. The extent of application of these requirements depends on the corporate body’s operating environment and complexity.

It applies to electronic information in any form.

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