ISO 22301 Consultancy


Surviving a crisis and ensuring sustainable operations is a key corporate strategic objective and a fundamental requirement for your forensic laboratory.

Those responsible for management during emergency situations need to count on proven solutions. Recent experience with disruptive events such as natural disasters, pandemics, and terrorist attacks has shown that some organisations did not have adequate crisis management capabilities, and as a result did not survive.

Organisations, and their stakeholders, are increasingly focussing on this issue and are demanding that management address this critical issue that is a major risk in most organisations. Failure to plan, train, and test preparedness for the possibility of service interruptions may result in mild annoyances, through personal injury to catastrophic business failure.


  • damaged corporate reputation;
  • destruction of property and facilities;
  • delay in producing case processing results for Clients (including the Court);
  • litigation due to delivery failure;
  • loss of market share;

could seriously affect your forensic laboratory.

Service Offering

FCL can help you in the following areas:

  • risk and Vulnerability Assessments;
  • define the Scope of Certification;
  • undertake a Gap Analysis;
  • undertake a Business Impact Analysis;
  • develop Strategies;
  • design and document Business Continuity Plans (BCPs);
  • create documented procedures;
  • implement awareness training
  • perform tests and exercises of the BCPs;
  • undertake Emergency Response Planning
  • undertake Crisis and Communication Planning
  • Review and Maintain BIAs and BCPs
  • Assistance in gaining ISO 22301Certification

Two other standards that provide assistance in the BCM arena are:

  • BS 25777;
  • ISO 24762.


FCL are uniquely placed to assist you as they not only can develop and implement business continuity plans appropriate for your business but have done so for themselves and been certified to BS 25999 (fore runner to ISO 22301 to prove it. Unlike some, we can ‘walk the walk’ and prove it.

Using the FCL approach to ISO 22301 approach covers:

  • defining the scope of the BCMS;
  • understanding the business;
  • establishing the BCMS;
  • embedding Business Continuity Management (BCM) in the business;
  • implementing and operating the BCMS
  • developing and testing BCP(s);
  • monitoring and reviewing the BCMS
  • auditing the BCMS;
  • management reviews of the BCMS;
  • continuous improvement of the BCMS.


The FCL approach builds operational resilience by:

  • allowing you to make contractual bids, where if you were not certified, you may be precluded;
  • assuring management and Clients that their is appropriate fall back in place in case of any incident that may affect processing digital forensic cases;
  • demonstrating compliance verified by a third party Certification Body;
  • empowering employees to act according to the BCP(s);
  • ensuring safety of employees;
  • ensuring security of physical assets;
  • ensuring that critical employees have trained alternates;
  • ensuring that processes and procedures for recovery are documented and tested;
  • facilitate recovery of business processes in order of criticality;
  • furthering BCM awareness within your forensic laboratory;
  • increasing customer confidence in your products and services;
  • making a public statement that you have addressed BCM;
  • managing and treating significant risks to reduce them to an acceptable level in line with risk appetite.

Next Steps

  • FCL are justifiably proud of our 100% SUCCESS RATE, of achieving first time certification through an Accredited Certification Body for our Clients;
  • FCL is committed to providing a consistently high value service to our Clients;
  • David Lilburn Watson, who remains personally ‘hands-on’ throughout the process, manages this process.
  • to understand how the FCL suite of offerings can be used to transform your business, please contact us
  • we look forward to discussing your specific requirements, at your convenience;
  • we offer a free Health Check for ISO 22301;
  • whatever other type of consultancy you require, we can possibly offer a free Health Check.