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Environmental protection has become a mainstream political and business issue since the introduction of radical legislation on pollution and the recent global climate change issues. With an increasing amount of legislation emerging from Europe and the introduction of the voluntary standards (ISO 14001 and the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)), environmental management has never been so important.

For many organisations, adopting a certified Environmental Management System (EMS) is not an option, it’s a customer requirement.

Service Offering

FCL recognises that your EMS must reflect your existing management systems and culture, and we are committed to ensuring our services reflect these goals. When designing and developing an EMS, we use only experienced environmental professionals who are also EMS auditors. We develop clear, easy-to-use controls that in-build legislative compliance and integrate with existing systems and controls.

Whatever your requirements, FCL provides cost effective and tailored support, including:

  • assistance in certification audits;
  • conduct first party ISO 14001 audits, including pre-certification audits.
  • development and implementation of all of your EMS documentation systems;
  • development and implementation of your aspects, impacts, legislation and significance register;
  • development and implementation of your EMS manual;
  • development of EMS scope document;
  • development of registers;
  • development of your Environmental Policy;
  • Emergency preparedness plans;
  • EMS “health check” for existing ISO 14001 certificate holders;
  • initial ISO 14001 gap analysis;
  • ISO 14001 EMS development and implementation;
  • setting yearly objectives and targets.


Using the FCL approach to ISO 14001 covers:

  • defining the scope of the EMS;
  • understanding the business;
  • establishing the EMS;
  • embedding environmental awareness in your business;
  • implementing and operating the EMS;
  • monitoring and reviewing the EMS;
  • auditing the EMS;
  • management reviews of the EMS;
  • continuous improvement of the EMS.


ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard you can use to implement your EMS. The benefits of this certification are that it:

  • builds team spirit as the EMS requires a team, not an individual, approach;
  • demonstrates your commitment to environmental issues;
  • demonstrates your legal and regulatory compliance;
  • enables you to show your ‘green credentials’ regarding tenders and gain competitive advantage;
  • enhances your customer’s trust in you;
  • improved public image;
  • improves your awareness of your impact on your surrounding environment;
  • provides a framework for managing and continually improving your environmental performance;
  • reduce your operational costs;
  • reduces costs by environmental considerations and recycling;
  • save costs by efficient use of natural resources;

Next Steps

  • FCL are justifiably proud of our 100% SUCCESS RATE, of achieving first time certification through an Accredited Certification Body for our Clients;
  • FCL is committed to providing a consistently high value service to our Clients;
  • David Lilburn Watson, who remains personally ‘hands-on’ throughout the process, manages this process.
  • to understand how the FCL suite of offerings can be used to transform your business, please contact us
  • we look forward to discussing your specific requirements, at your convenience;
  • we offer a free Health Check for ISO 14001;
  • whatever other type of consultancy you require, we can possibly offer a free Health Check.