Why Choose FCL

As yourself a question:

“Would you ask the Jason (the Saturday assistant) in your local bicycle repair shop to prepare your high performance motorbike for its next championship race”?

The analogy may appear frivolous, but this is what many people do when looking for digital forensic services.

Jason deals with two wheelers on Saturdays, but the difference between a bicycle and a motorbike are pretty obvious to see and they need different skills.

Would you trust Jason to fix your motorbike? The same applies to digital forensics.

You may well find someone with experience of computing spanning 20 years or more but with little or no knowledge of the digital forensic processes and procedures.

You should ensure that anyone who is going to undertake such a task has the relevant training and skill. FCL recommend that a suitable starting point would be their Choosing a Forensic Expert checklist.

FCL are experts in digital forensics – they do nothing else. They sell no products and provide no other services than data forensics.

FCL digital forensic services cover the whole range of scenarios – FCL has experience working with lawyers, police forces and specialists in due diligence as well as individual clients with problems.

FCL are confident that they will find data if it is there – and that include deleted, hidden, or partially overwritten files.

FCL staff are all security cleared – assuring you that all of our staff have been vetted to a known level.

FCL staff work quickly and accurately – assuring you of a rapid turnaround and low cost

FCL staff have all undertaken relevant training from product manufacturers – assuring you that they have received their training from the best possible source for the products that they use.

FCL staff are bound by enduring confidentiality contracts – these are part of our initial contract with you. These agreements survive our working relationship indefinitely

FCL work to the ACPO_guidelines – ensuring that the chain of custody is maintained, produce contemporaneous notes and regular reporting if required. FCL can provide Section 9 statements if required and expert witnesses to support your case if needed. They will work to any other good practice guidelines, depending on jurisdiction.

FCL are ISO 9000 certified – assuring you of a quality process for digital forensics

FCL are ISO 27001 certified – assuring you that they have appropriate security procedures in place to safeguard your data whilst it is with them.

FCL are BS 25999 certified – assuring you that they have appropriate backup procedures to ensure the continuity of your case in the case of an incident affecting their main processing site.

No matter who you engage – you should ensure that they have the relevant training and skill – use the FCL Choosing a Forensic Expert checklist