Free Health Checks

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Service Offering

FCL offer, to suitably qualified applicants, a free half day health check with a Consultant, qualified and competent for the required scope of the health check, with no obligation..

Free health checks are available for:


  • ISO 17020 (Crime scene management)
  • ISO 17025 (Forensic laboratory Accreditation)


  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001 (Environment)
  • ISO 20000 (Service Management)
  • ISO 22301 (Business continuity)
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security)
  • OHSAS 18001 (Health and safety)


  • ISO 10001 (Customer satisfaction)
  • ISO 10002 (Customer satisfaction – complaints handling)
  • ISO 10003 (Customer satisfaction – dispute resolution)
  • ISO 15489 (Records management)
  • ISO 19001 (Guidelines for auditing management systems)
  • ISO 270xx series (Information Security – various, including digital forensics and evidence))
  • ISO 31000 (Risk management)
  • BS 7858 (Security Vetting)
  • BS 10008 (legal admissibility of electronic evidence)
  • BS 10012 (Data Protection Demystified – Acting to Protect Personal Information)
  • BS 25999 (Business Continuity);;

Other requirements may be considered for a free health check, but this must be agreed by FCL in advance.


A typical health check comprises:

  • interviews with selected staff;
  • review of relevant documentation;
  • verbal presentation of findings;
  • recommendation for action.


The benefits for you of using this FCL service are:

  • FCL is committed to providing a consistently high value service to our Clients;
  • independent view of your compliance status;
  • free professionally qualified and competent consultancy;
  • assistance in defining remedial action;

Next Steps

  • FCL are justifiably proud of our 100% SUCCESS RATE, of achieving first time certification through an Accredited Certification Body for our Clients;
  • David Lilburn Watson, who remains personally ‘hands-on’ throughout the process, manages this process.
  • to understand how the FCL suite of offerings can be used to transform your business, please contact us
  • we look forward to discussing your specific requirements, at your convenience;