Digital Forensic Case Processing Overview

FCL provides a ‘one stop shop’ for digital forensic services in relation to the investigation and handling of computers and intelligent devices containing information and data.
Whether the system is a portable device or part of an integrated network, FCL’s experienced technicians can assist you from the initial evidence gathering or fact finding through to the successful outcome, be it external prosecution, Industrial Tribunal or internal disciplinary action.
FCL believes that working closely with their clients is the key to success in ‘working a case’ and we can often recover evidence that not obtainable by using more conventional tools. This may well be the evidence that is needed to prove your case.
If you need to investigate data that is held on a computer or an intelligent device then FCL can provide the following assistance:

  • Advice on initiation of an investigation where data recovery is required
  • Advice on the seizing and securing of that evidence
  • Acquire data on site (overtly or covertly) or at the FCL forensic laboratory
  • Recover data that you thought had long gone
  • Examine the recovered data according to the instructions you give us
  • Provide easy to read technical reports outlining our findings
  • Provide expert testimony if required

All our work is carried out following current best practice, contemporaneous notes and records are kept to prove the chain of custody.